Tracking Shoppers Behavior At The POS

Zusammenfassung eines Beitrags der Universität Siegen und von Shoppermetrics für die European Marketing Association Conference 2011. In dem Beitrag werden erste Ergebnisse eines gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekts zur Weiterentwicklung von Methoden zur Erfassung des Käuferverhaltens am PoS berichtet.

Tracking Shoppers Behavior At The Point Of Sale By Using End-Users Mobile Devices

von Mohamed Bourimi, Gunnar Mau, Sascha Steinmann, Hanna Schramm-Klein und Dogan Kesdogan

An established way in analyzing shoppers’ behavior at the point of sale involves identifying their paths through the store as well as their approach behavior towards different shelves. Such procedure allows, among others, for optimization of product placements or in-store advertisement and guidance. As doing this within the respective locations is technologically challenging, there is a need for better localization methods than those using RFID, other similar localization technologies (e.g. indoor GPS, CCTV, and photo sensors), or human-based observations. Therefore, we introduce a multi-method approach for identifying shopper paths in the stores based on a combination of built-in sensors’ capabilities in end-users’ mobile devices, as well as a mobile product scanner application. This approach allows for a more privacy-preserving evaluation, as the users can decide to anonymously share their paths in real-time or provide accumulated path data when paying at the point of sale.

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