We test shopper behavior in retail spaces.

Total Store Test

Using agile testing for successful formats.

Shoppermetrics is a leading testing company for retail and brands. With our solutions and shopper insights, our customers test the performance of their spaces, categories, and brands to find the best approaches for their sales strategies and marketing campaigns from the shopper’s perspective. We assist our customers in making their spaces and categories more successful, increasing their revenue, and enhancing customer loyalty.


Solutions Total Store Test

Total Store Test

Revealing potential for success and growth drivers.


Testing promotion performance.

Virtual Test

Testing shopper behavior in the virtual space. (Coming soon)

An Overview of All Solutions and Methods

Methods Total Store Test

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Mind

    Experience | Accompanied Shopping

  • Shopper Emotion

    Experience | Emotion Measurement

We would be happy to provide you with more details about our methods in a personal presentation!


Key figures with clear edges and knowledge about the shopper, that’s what counts.

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