Our four areas of expertise

We offer moving insights about buying.

We are at home on the trading floors of Europe. Our solutions offer retailers, category managers, and brand managers extensive knowledge about their shoppers and deep insights into purchasing behaviors.

Shoppers always behave in a “Total Store” manner. Even if they only want to buy a single item, they enter the store through the entrance, pass through various categories, shelves, brands, and promotions, and leave the retail space after completing the checkout process. During this journey, shoppers encounter an enormous amount and complexity of information, brand messages, and spatial stimuli.

In line with Paul Watzlawick’s principle, “One cannot not communicate,” this flow of information impacts the shopper and their behavior. Therefore, we think, work, and research in a “Total Store” perspective, providing our customers with a holistic view of their shoppers in reality.

Our areas of expertise

Shopper research for retailers and brands

How Does Buying Work?

Deep insights for a better understanding of shopper behavior, experiences, and decisions in reality.

Understanding Shoppers, Enabling Shopper Flow.

Shopper (Behavior + Experience + Decision) Research

Mehwert wissen über den Shopper

Total Store Test

Testing Effects on the Shopper.

Experiments for better decisions before the roll-out. What does the new format, the new category concept, or the new brand communication achieve? How do shoppers behave and make decisions in the new format?

Measure and benchmark shopper performance with agile tests.


Total Store Simulation

Simulating Effects on the Shopper:

Analyzing various alternatives without making physical changes to the store layout to assess their impact. How do changes in the store layout affect shopper behavior? What benefits do these changes bring to shopper performance?

Optimizing store layouts before the roll-out.


Total Store Analytics

Understanding the “Ongoing” Business?

Analyze mass data and contextualize it with purchasing behavior data (merge). Utilize AI and human retail expertise.

Find added value in shopper traffic.

Schreibtisch Diskussion Graphiken


Key figures with clear edges and knowledge about the shopper, that’s what counts.

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