Category Management

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Category Menagement

Category Management refers to the strategic control and optimization of product categories in retail. Category tactics encompass the Category Management-relevant marketing instruments of product assortment, placement, promotion, and presentation & communication.


  • We are experts in the field of Category Management.
  • We understand the importance of proper price positioning, appropriate placement, and demand-driven product assortment within categories.
  • We expand the view beyond the classic 4 CM Ps to include People (shopper types), Painpoints, and Tipping Points.


  • Improving the performance of product categories through a genuine understanding of the shopper.
  • We incorporate the real shopper perspective into the unified 8-step process.

With CATEGORY MANAGEMENT for the improvement of product categories through a genuine focus on shoppers.

Methods for the solution​

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Mapping

    Structure | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Decision

    PDT | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Mind

    Experience | Accompanied Shopping

  • Shopper Emotion

    Experience | Emotion Measurement

Result examples

Category Management
Description by figures
Category Management
Description by figures

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Understanding shopper behavior in the category.

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Revealing potential for success and growth drivers.

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