Shopping Stress

“The effect matters more than the intention.” – Kurt Tucholsky

Shopping Stress

“Simply better shopping” – Stress reduction for a relaxed shopping process.

The goal of many shopper marketing campaigns is to provide shoppers with as many positive shopping experiences and shopping fun along the shopper journey as possible. The reality in retail landscapes today is often characterized by sensory overload, congestion, and stress factors. If the shopper cannot navigate through retail landscapes, categories, and shelves intuitively and quickly, subjective complexity and uncertainty increase, leading to shopping stress. Effective customer guidance systems, shopper-friendly category concepts, and meaningful shelf logic work when they don’t confuse but “unravel” and provide orientation.

The importance of stress-free shopping.

From our studies, we know that shopping is primarily the completion of a task with a specific goal. Often, this also includes unconscious motives such as distraction and displacement. Shopping is rarely purely an entertainment experience.

If these tasks and goals cannot be achieved easily and without great effort, shopping quickly becomes stressful, which affects the mood, perception, and behavior of the shopper. Instead of artificially communicating positive shopping experiences, we recommend to our clients to first enable simple and stress-free shopping. Shoppers reward this with loyalty and increased shopping intensity. “Less stress, more success.”


  • We understand the importance of stress-free shopping for shoppers and their shopping behavior.
  • We measure shopping stress with an appropriate mix of methods.
  • We make shopping stress visible in the space.


  • Stress Reduction = More Shopping: Our studies show that reducing stress has a stronger impact on the shopping experience than activating measures.
  • Positive Effects on Economic Performance: Relaxed shoppers are more attentive, price-sensitive, and inclined to make purchases.
  • Identification of Stress Hotspots: We identify where stress occurs in the store and provide solutions to create stress-free shopping environments.

With Shopping Stress Analyse you'll get optimization ideas for a more positive shopping experience.

fragezeichen mit einkaufswagen

Questions from our customers

  • How does stress affect shopping behavior and experience?
  • What in-store factors lead to stress, and how can they be reduced?
  • How do shoppers react to stress-free shopping environments compared to stressful ones?
  • Which shopper types and missions exhibit a high level of shopping stress?
  • What measures can be taken to minimize stress while shopping?

Methods for the solution​

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Emotion

    Experience | Emotion Measurement

Result examples

Shoppingstress, Emotionen beim Kauf
Description by figures
Gefühlte vs. reale Einkaufszeit
Description by figures

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