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“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle


Optimize your store based on the 10 Maxims for a more successful shopping experience.

Perception of an environment occurs through all human senses. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the entire space holistically and design it accordingly. As humans, we naturally tend to feel comfortable in places that provide us with positive experiences, while avoiding places that restrict or burden us. In our reports, we take a holistic and customer-centered view of the principles of store design. The well-being and return rate of customers are at the forefront, ultimately leading to your economic success.

The report series is based on the ten Maxims of Total Stores. For each Maxim, recommendations have been developed based on POS behavioral data, insights from environmental psychology, and interpretive patterns. These recommendations provide valuable insights for planning your store design concept and category management.

What should an ideal main pathway look like? What factors are important for the first impression? How can blind spots be avoided? How can assortment worlds be designed with a customer-centric approach?

USP and Methodological Approach

  • Total Store Research and Consulting: We combine strategic knowledge with practical case studies to provide concrete recommendations.
  • The reports are based on scientific findings, representative customer journey studies, and implicit measurements.


  • Latest insights into customer behavior: We provide in-depth insights from environmental psychology, examine drivers of well-being, and share industry best practices.
  • In the 10 Maxims, we merge the expertise of category management, sales, and layout planning to achieve optimal integration of disciplines. Because when the customer enters the store, they don’t perceive individual services but the overall experience.

With our Total Store Reports we illustrate what contributes to the well-being of buyers based on the ten maxims.

The 10 Maxims

  • 1) Welcome Zone

    The first impression matters. When does the shopper feel welcome?

  • 2) World Formation

    What logic guides the shopper through assortments? How can these worlds be clearly recognizable?

  • 3) Storytelling

    What are the central messages? How can they be crafted into an appealing story?

  • 4) Mainloop

    What defines a clearly recognizable main loop? Where are the potential "stumbling blocks"?

  • 5) Transition

    How can seamless yet clearly recognizable transitions between different worlds be achieved?

  • 6) Guiding Focus

    What does the customer rely on while navigating the store? What provides them with a sense of security?

  • 7) Neighborhoods

    What sequential arrangement of assortments is relieving and logical for the customer?

  • 8) Multisensory

    What does harmonization of sensory stimuli mean, and how can this coherent integration be achieved?

  • 9) Dramaturgy

    How can seamless yet clearly recognizable transitions between different worlds be achieved?

  • 10) Farewell

    The last impression lingers. With what do you bid farewell to your customers?

Result examples

Ergebnisdarstellung Total Store Reports
Description through heatmap & influence factors
Ergebnisdarstellung Total Store Reports
Description through figures

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