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Advertising effectiveness: Either immediate or not at all.

Brand STAS

The STAS formula by John Philip Jones is the result of a field-experimental approach to behavior-based measurement of advertising effectiveness. STAS stands for “Short Term Advertising Strength,” and it assesses the short-term impact of advertising stimuli on product sales to evaluate the immediate effectiveness of advertising.


  • We are experts in evaluating the Short-Term Advertising Strength of in-store communication and promotion.
  • We understand the significance of effective short-term advertising impact for business success.
  • We assist you in measuring and optimizing your advertising efforts to achieve maximum STAS.


  • Measurement of the immediate effects of in-store campaigns on shopper behavior and brand perception.
  • Identification of advertising measures with high Short-Term Advertising Strength to maximize ROI.
  • By measuring and optimizing Short-Term Advertising Strength, you can maximize the success of your advertising efforts.
  • Our expertise in STAS analysis allows you to enhance your campaigns strategically.

With BRAND STAS you can maximize the success of your advertising efforts.

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Questions from our customers

  • Which advertising measures have the strongest short-term impact on sales?
  • How does advertising influence brand awareness and customer purchasing behavior in the short term?
  • What factors contribute to increasing Short-Term Advertising Strength?
  • How can we optimize advertising campaigns to achieve a higher STAS?

Methods for the solution​

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Emotion

    Experience | Emotion Measurement


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