Shopper Analytik

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Shopper Analytics

With shopper analytics, we analyze, assess, and contextualize shopper traffic for our clients. This traffic is continuously measured on the premises using camera systems, sensors, or Wi-Fi networks and is presented in dashboards. Based on our experience in handling process data, we are well-equipped to create meaningful shopper profiles and identify relevant metrics to help recognize potential opportunities for the premises in the dashboards.


We combine “real-time data” from various sources with automated analytics, AI, and our human trading expertise.

The fusion of “real-time bulk data” with detailed customer behavioral data provides broad and deep insights.

We measure and analyze shopper traffic from camera systems, sensors, or Wi-Fi networks in our dashboard and optionally merge it with behavioral data.


We analyze, evaluate, and contextualize shopper traffic for our clients based on our experience in handling process data.

Our dashboard provides quick and easy data analysis, leading to insights and the identification of potential areas for optimizing the shopper journey.

By creating meaningful shopper types and identifying relevant metrics, targeted measures can be taken to enhance the shopper experience.

Optionally, we merge “real-time bulk data” with detailed purchase behavior data.

With SHOPPER ANALYTICS you gain detailed customer behavior data and broad and deep insights.

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Questions from our customers.

  • Which shopper types are most frequently found in the store?
  • What shopping paths do different shopper types use, and how can we optimize these to make their navigation easier?
  • Are there specific shopper types prone to impulse purchases, and how can we target these customers effectively?
  • Which shopper types prefer shopping in specific supermarket sections (e.g., fresh products, non-food, pharmacy), and how can we tailor these areas to meet their needs?
  • On average, how long do different shopper types stay in the supermarket?
  • Which shopper types are particularly price-sensitive, and how can we present attractive offers and promotions to them?
  • Are there shopper types that prefer to buy specific brands or products? Do Heavy Buyers distribute evenly among all shopper types?

Methods for the solution​

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement

  • Shopper Emotion

    Experience | Emotion Measurement

Result examples

Shopper Analytik
Description through metrics and visualization.
Shopper Analytik
Description by figures

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