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Shopper Flow & Density

An optimal circulation in the store enables high visibility of brands and products, which in turn offers the opportunity to interact with shoppers. An effective customer guidance system directs shoppers into a smooth flow and facilitates their navigation in the store. High shopper density can, on the one hand, generate a lot of attention but also carries the risk of crowding, congestion, and bottlenecks, which increase walking speed and reduce contact and purchase opportunities.

With Shopper Flow analysis, we examine the paths and behavior of different types of shoppers in the store and identify pain and gain points for optimization. Additionally, measuring Shopper Density allows for a precise analysis of the number of buyers in a specific area. By combining both approaches, retailers and brands gain valuable insights into how shoppers move in the store and how their presence affects certain areas.


Our strength lies in the comprehensive and precise analysis of Shopper Density and Shopper Flow. We utilize innovative technologies and proven methods to capture accurate data on buyer density and customer movements. Additionally, we are swift and agile in delivering the results.


  • More precise knowledge of the number of buyers in a specific area.
  • Capturing and analyzing buyer density to identify bottlenecks and peak times in the store.
  • Optimizing store layouts and product placements based on customer flow.
  • Enhancing customer engagement and experience through targeted measures along the customer journey.
  • Effective planning of sales promotions and advertising campaigns based on customer flow.

With SHOPPER FLOW & DENSITY you can optimize your store layouts based on customer flow.

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Questions from our customers​

  • How does buyer density vary in different areas of the store?
  • How do customers move within the store?
  • What routes do they take?
  • Which areas attract the most attention from customers?
  • What impact does the store layout have on customer flow and purchasing behavior?
  • What opportunities are there to optimize customer flow and avoid bottlenecks?

Methods for the solution

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Analytik

    Traffic | Sensory

Result examples

Visualization + Description through Metrics
Description through Metrics

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