Virtual testing environment based on 360-degree documentation. 

Shopper Virtual Test

We provide an innovative solution for conducting virtual tests based on comprehensive 360-degree documentation.

Test new products, concepts, and strategies without physical implementation. Discover how to optimize your store management and create an exceptional customer experience. Try out new products, shelf or category concepts, promotional formats, and communication strategies in an interactive environment.

USP and methodical approach

We offer a realistic virtual environment that authentically replicates purchasing behavior and user experience. By integrating 360-degree documentation from test stores, we provide you with a reliable foundation for virtual testing.

New products, shelf or category concepts, promotional formats, and communication measures are retroactively incorporated into the 360-degree documentation to create an authentic virtual environment. Test participants can navigate this virtual test store online, and their reactions to the purchasing process and subjective evaluations can be measured.


  • Realistic Assessment: Evaluate purchasing behavior and user experience in a lifelike virtual environment, without the need for physical prototypes or test runs.

  • Cost and Time Savings: Avoid costly prototypes and reduce testing expenses. Accelerate innovation and improvement processes.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Measure test participants’ reactions and evaluations to make data-driven decisions.

  • Efficient Collaboration: Share the virtual testing environment online with different teams, enabling efficient collaboration.

  • Continuous Improvement: Utilize test results to continuously optimize your products, concepts, and strategies.



With SHOPPER VIRTUAL TEST we provide tests based on extensive 360-degree documentation.

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Questions from our customers.

  • How can we use the virtual testing environment in our company to drive innovation?
  • What specific aspects of purchasing behavior and user experience can we test in the virtual environment?
  • What cost and time savings can we achieve through the use of virtual tests?
  • How can we effectively utilize the results of virtual tests to continuously improve our products and processes?
  • How can we seamlessly integrate the virtual testing environment into our existing workflows?

Result examples

360 Grad Dokumentation
Visualization with interactive 360-degree videos.
Category Management
Visualization with interactive 360-degree videos.

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