Heavy Buyer

“Understand your customers to fulfill their needs.” – Steve Jobs

Heavy Buyer

The Heavy Buyer analysis by Shoppermetrics is a powerful tool for identifying and examining particularly relevant shoppers and their purchasing behavior. Based on the Pareto principle, which states that 20% of shoppers are responsible for 80% of purchases, the analysis focuses on this important shopper segment. Analyzing Heavy Buyers can provide valuable insights into their behavior and preferences that significantly contribute to revenue.



  • We understand the importance of Heavy Buyers for successful store concepts.
  • We make the shopping behavior of Heavy Buyers visible in the space.
  • Based on our database, we offer international benchmarking.


  • The Heavy Buyer analysis provides valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of this crucial shopper demographic.
  • Better understanding of Heavy Buyers’ behavior.
  • We identify behavioral patterns and preferences of Heavy Buyers.
  • Targeted optimization of offerings to meet the needs of the most relevant shoppers.
  • Identification of relevant touchpoints in the post-instore and pre-store phases.

Mit der Heavy Buyer Analyse we identify the behavioral patterns and preferences of this target audience.

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Questions from our customers​

  • Who are the Heavy Buyers?
  • How do Heavy Buyers behave compared to other shoppers?
  • What are the criteria that motivate Heavy Buyers to regularly shop at a specific retailer?
  • Are Heavy Buyers a homogeneous group, or do they fall into different shopper types?
  • How do Heavy Buyers navigate the sales floor?

Methods for the solution​

  • Shopper Observer

    Behavior | Observation

  • Shopper Analytics

    Traffic | Sensory

  • Shopper Impact

    Experience | Implicit Measurement


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